Discover our Fabrics

Every jersey begins with the perfect fabric - our Canadian-made, high quality polyesters redefine excellence. Discover advanced cooling tech, eco-friendly recycled polyester, feather-light comfort, and unwavering durability.

Whether it's Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, or any sport in-between, we've tailored the ideal fabric selection for champions like you:


Our Subli-Smooth offers the perfect sublimation print due to its smooth and velvty soft nature!

Available in two styles:
- 115
- 125

Perfect for a soccer jersey or printed t-shirt.


Our Ultra-Wick sport mesh fabric offers a light quick dry, performance jersey.

Available in styles:
- Performance style and
- Premium style with CoolMax®


Our EcoCool EcoLacoste fabric is an very comfortable fabric against your skin with COOLMAX!

Crafted from 100% recycled polyester, this revolutionary textile boasts built-in cooling technology woven into the very fibers, ensuring a dry and comfortable jersey!

Available in our: Athletic Tops

ProMesh & Pro Knit

Quality ice hockey fabric.


The Vivid fabric sublimates exceptionally well and showcases graphics, colours and designs with impressive clarity and vibrancy!

Available in our: Baseball Full Button Jerseys, Ice Hockey Jerseys, and Ice Hockey Socks.


Made to feel just like a cotton shirt but made from polyester in order to sublimate to it! You'll be amazed how it feels!

Available in two styles:

Button label