Discover our Fabrics

Every jersey begins with the perfect fabric - our Canadian-made, high quality polyesters redefine excellence. Discover advanced cooling tech, eco-friendly recycled polyester, feather-light comfort, and unwavering durability.

Whether it's Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, or any sport in-between, we've tailored the ideal fabric selection for champions like you:


Our EcoCool fabric is an very comfortable fabric against your skin.

Crafted from 100% recycled polyester, this revolutionary textile boasts built-in cooling technology woven into the very fibers, ensuring a dry and comfortable jersey!

Available in our: Athletic Tops

Dry Lite Mesh

The Dry Lit Mesh is a quick drying, light, performance polyester.

Available in our: Baseball Full Button Jerseys, Dirtbiking Jerseys, Mountain Biking Jerseys, and Basketball Jerseys.


The Vivid fabric sublimates exceptionally well and showcases graphics, colours and designs with impressive clarity and vibrancy!

Available in our: Baseball Full Button Jerseys, Ice Hockey Jerseys, and Ice Hockey Socks.


Quality ice hockey fabric.